Why Drinking Water Is Good For You? 8 Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is tasteless, odorless, colorless, and an inorganic substance that is essential for all living beings to survive on this planet. Around 71 percent of the earth is filled with water. Our body consists of 60 percent of water. Water is essential for our kidney and other body parts to function normally. Now, let’s find out why drinking water is good for you.


Water Delivers Oxygen Throughout The Body

Our blood consists of 90 percent water, and blood carries oxygen to different parts of our body. We need to drink at least 2/3 liters of water daily.

Water Controls And Regulates Our Body Temperature

Water stored in between our skin releases water known as sweat when our body heats up while doing exercise and other works. When our body heats up, our skin releases sweat to control the external heat. So the release of this energy enables our internal and external body temperature to remain constant.

Water Helps To Maintain Our Blood Pressure

Lack of water in our body makes our blood thicker; thus, it increases our blood pressure. So drinking enough water can maintain our blood pressure.

Water Prevents Damage Of Kidney

The kidney regulates our body’s liquids, lack of water in the body can cause kidney failure, kidney stones, and other problems as our kidney filter 120-150 quarts of fluid every day.

Water Helps In Weight Losing

Water may help lose weight if consumed instead of cold drinks, soda, or juice. Sipping water before having a meal can give a sense of fullness to prevent us from having excess food.

Water Makes Many Minerals And Nutrients Accessible

The foods we consume, water helps break down that food and support to dissolve vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Water helps to reach the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to all parts of the body.

The Digestive System Depends On The Water

The intestine needs water to function correctly. Lack of water can be a reason for digestive problems resulting in acidity or constipation. So lack of water increases the risk of ulcer and gastric (heartburn).

Water Is Perfect For Our Skin

Consuming a fair amount of water can help the skin to glow, and it moisturizes the skin. Also, water can help from premature wrinkling in our skin.

Final Words

We should always keep our bodies hydrated. Regular and proper intake of water in our body reduces the risk of many diseases and improves our overall health. And it helps to reduce stress. It is important to keep track of our daily water intake. Excess water intake can be harmful to us as overhydration can lead us to water intoxication. We should use water dispensers at home to store and drink clean water. And wherever we go, we should always carry a water bottle to stay hydrated during work or exercise.

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