Water Dispenser Stand: (Steel Stand vs Wood Stand)

Water dispenser stands are often overlooked but their importance is clear when we don’t have a proper one at our disposal. That’s why we need to make sure that our water dispenser stand is stable, durable, and if possible, looks visually pleasing so it can blend right in with the aesthetics of our home (or kitchen).

Wherever we might put our water dispenser stand, we must make sure that it can properly support our water dispenser so we will have access to one of the most essential things in our lives – water.

Did you know that these water dispenser stands are sold in a variety of styles? Let’s take a look at some of your best options.

Types of Water Dispenser Stand

Water dispenser stands usually comes in two different varieties, wooden and steel. So, how do you choose which one is best for you? Well, there are a few factors to consider.

Such factors include durability (reliability and endurance), stability, aesthetics, and features. Durability should always be at the top of your “to consider” list when it comes to water dispenser stands or any product that will bear weight, in general.

These water dispenser stands may not be as expensive but still, you don’t want to throw away good money just like that. You need a water dispenser stand that will stand the test of time and so you need a durable one. A durable water dispenser stand would mean that it’s reliable at all times and would be a good investment regardless of the rest of the factors to consider.

Stability comes in part to a water dispenser stand’s durability but the design also affects this aspect. We need to make sure we visually inspect the stand and that it should be stable enough (won’t wobble) and adaptable in multiple types of surfaces.

One cannot help but also consider the visual appeal of a water dispenser stand because it would naturally add to the flair of your home. Also, some additional set of features to help it function better would not hurt. ]

So, between a wooden or steel water dispenser stand, which one should you choose given the factors we discussed?

Well, steel may mean durability and strength but take note that wood has better long-term load management properties. That means that wood can handle the stress of holding up your water dispenser better for a long time. Steel may get damaged in a variety of ways. But, on the other hand, wood can easily crack or break if there would be any external force applied.

In terms of visual appeal, well that can be straightforward, pick the type that best fits your home’s aesthetics. And lastly, stability or design is not determined by the material at all, but you need to consider your space at home where you are going to put the dispenser and decide whether a narrow one or a wider one would best fit the space available.

Berkey Water Filter Stainless Steel Wire Stand

Berkey Water Dispenser Stand

The Berkey Water Filter Stainless Steel Wire Stand is a 10 x 10 x 7 water dispenser stand that looks really sleek. Its steel wireframe ensures stability and it also comes with non-marking and at the same time, non-marring feet that are insulated with rubber.

This adds further to its stability and it can sure handle large water dispensers with enough height to allow you to fill your cup or mug with that nice cold water.

Choose this water dispenser stand for its wide base, stability, and good weight capacity.

New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser Counter Stand

New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser Stand

The New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser Counter Stand is much wider and a little bit higher than the previous product we reviewed and this one is only made out of wood. If you have a little bit more room and would want to have the sophisticated and clean aesthetic of wooden stands then this is for you.

This unit though does not have rubber or anything in its feet to keep it grounded or for it not to slip so your water dispenser should weigh it down for additional stability. Well, as long as it’s only a flat and stable surface then you wouldn’t have any problems at all. Also, your water dispenser would sit on its bare and maybe slippery surface too so be wary of that.

Buy this if you want style, more room for your dispenser, or an ergonomic height level.

Bluewave Lifestyle Floor Wood Stand

Bluewave Lifestyle Floor Water Dispenser Stand

The Bluewave Lifestyle Floor Wood Stand is 27 inches high so it’s perhaps the most ergonomic of the bunch right here. We actually like how it is a space saver due to its narrow design and you may put it in the corner of your home or kitchen.

It’s made out of wood so it looks really sleek too. The downside? It may not be as stable even with the rubber on its base. Buy this if you like your water dispenser stand narrow and stylish.

Ilyapa Outdoor Glass Beverage Dispenser

Ilyapa Outdoor Glass Beverage Water Dispenser Stand

The Ilyapa Outdoor Glass Beverage Dispenser looks to be the furniture you’d like out in the patio where everyone can have access to a nice glass of water anytime.

Needless to say, this one is the most stylish of our bunch and made out of steel so durability is also covered. It’s pretty stable too but it’s not that tall so you may have to put it on top of a table or something. Buy this if you need a stylish stand for your juice dispenser.

Great for parties!

Final Thoughts

For us, the Ilyapa Outdoor Glass Beverage Dispenser is the classier water dispenser stand but we like how space-efficient the Bluewave Lifestyle Floor Wood Stand is. So if you have don’t have a wider area then pick the latter or if you want the dispenser on a more ergonomic height level.

Both the Berkey Water Filter Stainless Steel Wire Stand and New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser Counter Stand offer pretty much the same benefits if you choose them, they just differ in the material. So, if you are going to ask us, just pick what best fits your needs at home.

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