How Does A Water Dispenser Work

As the name suggests, a water dispenser is an appliance that disburses water. Water dispensers have become a necessary part of our daily life. It is a means of providing access to clean water very quickly. Water dispensers’ main job is to filter the water to make it clean for us to consume. Some water dispensers filter the water directly from the municipal line. Other types of water dispensers come with some added features, such as cooling and heating the water. Water dispensers are very easy to use, and they save us a lot of time and money. Moreover, these appliances are environmentally friendly and safer to consume than plastic bottled water. Most offices nowadays contain water dispensers and this appliance is ideal for those who dislike the taste of tap water. Have you ever wondered how does a water dispenser work? Let’s find out.

How Does It Work?

Water dispensers work in two ways. Most water dispensers dispense water from an upside-down water gallon and are called bottled-water-dispenser. The natural gravity, along with the vacuum, acts as a pressure pushing the water down quickly, filling the glass when the spigot is pressed. This form of water dispensers is ideal for those, especially in residential areas, who do not have the option to connect to the main water line. This type of dispenser relies on the water bottle source to dispense water, and it requires very high maintenance. Moreover, these types of dispensers are costly to maintain and do not require a filter inside. 



Another type is mounted-water-dispenser that dispenses water in the form of a mini water fountain. These are usually present in public places. These dispensers filter water directly from the main water line and usually mounted on a wall or free-standing on the ground. This is used as a quick means of drinking water and is not suitable to fill cups or bottles. The dispenser works by releasing the water in an arched shape when the consumer turns the knob. The water stops dispensing when the knob is released. This type of dispenser does not come with any added features, and the temperature of the water depends on the weather. Nevertheless, some mounted water dispensers’ water temperature can be controlled through an extra electric connection and are relatively expensive.

mounted water dispenser


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Point-of-use-dispensers are similar to bottled water dispensers, but they do not need maintenance and are not expensive. These types of water dispensers are more convenient because they do not require regular replacement of bottles. Here, the water is stored in a large tank, and the temperature of the water can be controlled with an electric connection. The water in this type of dispenser also comes from the main water line, but it is different from mounted water dispensers because here, the water is stored in tanks.



All of these types of water dispensers come in various sizes according to the requirements of the consumers. Water dispensers are essential because they give us easy access to fresh drinking water and are very convenient to use. Water dispensers are also very easy to install, and the prices vary according to the variety of features provided by the dispenser.

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